The first step to join our local acne program is to fill out and submit the form below in order for you to gain access to our Acne Consultation Video.

Once submitted, you will be invited to view our Acne Consultation Video which will cover important information regarding your acne condition and how our program works. You will be able to view this video online and in the comfort of your home. *If your acne is already clear and you would like to join our local program for Hyperpigmentation Treatment, you  will still need to sign up for this Acne Consultation Video as it contains relevant information needed to know to clear up hyperpigmentation too*

Although a video consultation is not the most personal first interaction, we do want to assure you that if you decide to move forward on the Luminosity acne program after viewing the Acne Consultation Video that we will schedule an in-person, one-on-one time to meet at our office.

There is a $45 charge for the subsequent in-office appointment where you will meet in person with one of our acne specialists. At this appointment we will analyze your skin to determine your acne type, select the right homecare product routine for your skin and go over your product routine in detail to ensure you know exactly how to use your new products. We will also answer any questions that you may still have after watching the Acne Consultation Video.

If you would like more information on product and treatment costs, requirements to maintain your results, and frequently asked questions, just click here to read our FAQs.

To Summarize
Step 1. Fill out the form below (the form will only be visible if you are in North Carolina)
Step 2. Watch our Acne Consultation Video online (free of charge)
Step 3. Book your First Office Visit appointment to meet with one of our acne specialists ($45)



We cannot accept any form of insurance  •  We do not treat pregnant or nursing women  •   We do not treat children under the age of 13  •  Our program is a combination of receiving a series of our Acne Treatments in conjunction with using our homecare products daily  •   Clients that start our program cannot use outside products while under our care.

This acne program is designed for moderate to severe acne. If you have very mild acne, it is strongly recommended to email photos of your skin so that my office can determine if this program would be suited for your skin. Email photos to

If you do not see the sign up box for the Acne Consultation Video that means you do not live in North Carolina. The video is only for those that are local (meaning they live in North Carolina) and plan on starting my local acne program at my North Carolina office. If you do not live local to me, you can still get clear skin by purchasing one of my acne kits.


Not local but need my acne-clearing magic?
No problem! I've created my Kits for those that don't live close by to my office. WORLDWIDE shipping is available! Click here to learn more.


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