Tired of wasting money on makeup that only clogs your pores and cause more breakouts?

Noncomedogenic Makeup
I hear you, friend.

Over the years I've spent so much money on makeup only to be left with worse acne than when I started.

I was frustrated and tired of the vicious cycle of using makeup to cover up my acne, only to need even fuller coverage makeup because what I was using was breaking me out worse.


But I couldn't just stop wearing makeup all together. I had blackheads, redness, scabs, and pus-filled pimples to cover.

I have a feeling you are feeling the same way.

You aren't at a place with your skin right now where you are comfortable to go out makeup-free but you're also wondering if the makeup you're wearing is pore clogging.

The truth?

It most like likely is.

You may think that you're safe because you only wear foundation or primer that claims to be "Non-Comedogenic" or "Oil-Free"

But did you know that the FDA does NOT regulate these claims?

That means that cosmetic manufacturers can add pore clogging ingredients to their formulations and market them to acne-prone women while claiming to be non-comedogenic aka non-pore-clogging.

That's quite unsettling, isn't it?

Today, as an esthetician that specializes in the successful treatment of acne, I understand how crucial it is to my clients' success that they eliminate all pore clogging ingredients from their makeup.

I simply can't get my clients clear unless they stop using comedogenic products.

deserveclearskin.pngTo make the process of eliminating pore clogging makeup easy as pie for them I created my List of Pore Clogging Ingredients to Avoid.

I give this List to all my clients so they can check all their makeup against it and get rid of anything that isn't doing their pores any favors.

I want to give you a FREE copy of this list today so you can take a HUGE first step toward clear skin.

There's no purchase necessary and no strings attached. This List is my gift to you.


Just sign up below to get instant access to my List of Pore Clogging Ingredients to Avoid and you'll never again waste your money on makeup that breaks out your skin.

Oh I should also mention that this List also applies to skincare products! So you can use it to eliminate pore cloggers from everything that touches your skin.

Licensed Esthetician & Founder of Luminosity Acne Skincare