We've revamped our entire product line!
New logo, new names, new user-friendly packaging, and some products have been re-formulated to be even more effective!

See below for new product names:

Gentle Gel Cleanser ======== Luminous Gentle Cleanser (improved formula)
Daily Scrub =============== Perfectly Polished Scrub
Acne Cleanser ============ BP Benefits Body Cleanser 2.5%...there is a 10% option as well but the stronger one should not be used on the face.
Acne Scrub ============== Brilliant Benzoyl Scrub 2.5%

Clear Serum 1 ======== Mandelic Maven Serum 5% (improved formula)
Clear Serum 2 ======== Mandelic Maven Serum 8% (improved formula)
Clear Serum 3 ======== Mandelic Maven Serum 11% (improved formula)
Clear Serum 4 ======== Mandelic Maven Serum 15% (improved formula)

Benzoyl Peroxide:
Acne Lotion 1 ======== Benzoyl with Benefits Lotion 2.8%
Acne Lotion 2 ======== Benzoyl with Benefits Lotion 5%
Acne Lotion 3 ======== Benzoyl with Benefits Lotion 10%

Other Products:
Berry Cream =========== Opulent Moisture Cream (improved formula)
SPF 30 For Acne Skin ==== Daily Habit SPF 30

*Toners/Astringents have not changed, however they are now optional and not required for maintenance*