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Breakup with Combination Acne KIT

Free PDF Manual ($75 Value)


Need to desperately breakup with your combination acne (pustules, cysts, blackheads, and closed comedones) but you don’t live anywhere close to my office?
No problem at all, my dear! I’ve got just the solution for you and your pores!
Introducing Luminosity Acne Skincare’s…

You don’t have to keep dreaming about clear skin! Let me show you how to get beautiful, glowing, healthy skin in just a few short months, even if you live in a different country. I created this kit for you, the woman that is ready to say buh-bye to her combination acne and hello to beautiful, glowing skin and the unshakable confidence that comes along with it.




The kit delivers results through a combination of using Luminosity Acne Skincare products daily and receiving guidance from me through a 70 page PDF manual that will guide and educate you on everything you need to know to get clear. You will be able to access the Manual immediately upon purchase on your computer or mobile device. In addition to using your Luminosity skincare products, you will also need to seek the treatment services of a local esthetician to perform extractions on your skin. That is because non-inflamed acne lesions like blackheads and closed comedones need to be extracted out or else they will continue to linger on the skin for a very long time. Your Luminosity skincare products will help to loosen these lesions in the pores to help make extractions easier and the products will also prevent new ones from coming back.

You will receive the exact skincare products and acne information that I utilize to clear up my local office clients here in North Carolina.


Chapter 1: The Right Mindset for Clear Skin
The right mindset is key for any goal that you wish to accomplish, including having clear skin. In this video, I show you how to get clear (no pun intended) on exactly what you want and show you how to create the right mindset to acheive your goal, no matter what comes your way.

Chapter 2: The Cause of Acne
There are so many myths out there regarding the cause of acne and it's no wonder that many acne-prone individuals are so confused about the condition of their skin. In this chapter I tell you exactly what causes acne and the truth may be surprising to some!

Chapter 3: Diet & Supplements
While certain foods do not cause acne, diet does play a significant role with the severity of your breakouts. In this video I will tell you which foods need to be kept in moderation in order to achieve your clear skin goal.

Chapter 4: Lifestyle Factors that Impact Acne
In addition to diet, certain lifestyle factors can also contribute to your acne's severity. I cover all these issues in this chapter.

Chapter 5: Female Issues that Affect Acne
Unlike men, us women have a couple female-specific acne issues that we need to be aware of such as the makeup we use and how our menstrual cycles affect our skin.

Chapter 6: Future Obstacles to Clear Skin
Along your clear skin journey you will encounter 4 common obstacles. In this chapter I discuss them well ahead of time so that you can recognize them when they spring up and be able to overcome them.

Chapter 7: All About Your Acne Products
Your Luminosity Acne Skincare products are a major component of achieving clear skin. This chapter covers all the information you need to know about your products.

Chapter 8: Your Product Routine
This chapter addresses the ins and outs of your daily product routine. It contains instructions for clearing up both face and body acne.

Chapter 9: Maintaining Your Results
This chapter covers what you need to do to maintain your clear skin results. Maintaining clear skin is the easy part!

Chapter 10: Troubleshooting
This chapter covers everything from what to do if your skin gets excessively dry to troubleshooting slow progress and everything in between.




In addition to the Manual, you'll also receive a 2-4 month supply of Luminosity Acne Skincare products that you will use daily to combat your acne.

Depending on which kit you select you will receive:

  ✔ Luminous Gentle Cleanser
  ✔ Mandelic Maven Serum 5%
  ✔ Mandelic Maven Serum 8%
  ✔ Benzoyl with Benefits Lotion 2.8%
  ✔ Daily Habit SPF 30
  ✔ Opulent Moisture Cream



You may be thinking to yourself, "I've seen multiple dermatologists and tried many skincare products with no results. How is it that you can successfully clear up acne?"

Clearing up acne is actually quite easy and straightforward when it is approached in the correct way:

miniicon.pngWe utilize Mandelic Acid which does it all for acne! It's exfoliating, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, lightens hyperpigmentation and is even anti-aging! It truly is a miracle worker! Meanwhile, all other acne systems rely on outdated and boring Salicylic Acid or Glycolic Acid which just dry out the skin with no real acne clearing results.

miniicon.pngWe strategically combine Mandelic Acid with Benzoyl Peroxide. As amazing as Mandelic Acid is on it's own, when combined with Benzoyl Peroxide they create an unstoppable dou! Besides Benzoyl Peroxide's anti-bacterial properties, a lesser known but equally beneficial property is it's ability to
peel or exfoliate the inner lining of the pore. This action is very important because acne prone pores shed an overabundance of dead skin cells, that's why our pores clog so easily, but Benzoyl Peroxide comes to the rescue by peeling the lining of the pore wall to prevent these skin cells from clinging to it, which ultimately prevents clogging.

miniicon.png Now maybe you've tried Benzoyl Peroxide or even Mandelic Acid in the past, but you haven't used them properly! Yes, there is a proper way to use acne products to ensure they are effective! Simply applying them to your skin is not enough! You must use them in a specific way! That's because acne adapts to your product routine. Ever notice that when you first start using a new product there is some initial improvement, but then after a few weeks you are back to square one? That is because the acne adapted to your routine.
A BIG key to our system's success is to start "low and slow" and increase the frequency and strength of your acne products every few weeks until the skin is clear. By changing your routine every couple of weeks until you clear up, you will be able to prevent the acne from adapting. Chapter 8 of your Manual  will strategically guide you every step of the way in properly strengthening your product routine to ensure that you get healthy, beautiful, glowing clear skin! The information in our Manual is a MUST for clear skin.

miniicon.pngBesides just using the right acne products, we also arm our customers with all the acne knowledge they need to get clear. Our Manual covers topics such as premenstrual breakouts, acne-reducing supplements to take, acne-aggravating foods to avoid, which professional extraction service to seek, and so much more.

  The woman that is self-motivated and determined to clear up her combination acne once and for all

The woman that is tired of surfing the internet to gather bits and pieces, only to to struggle with information overload and yet still can’t put the entire puzzle together

The woman that is so over wasting precious time and money on remedies that don't work

The woman that is comfortable with the dry skin that acne products can create. She'd rather have temporary dry skin, than a lifetime of acne

  The woman that is finished going at it alone and finally ready to work with a highly successful acne specialist (with a long proven track record)


purpleprofilepic2.pngHi, lovely! I'm Carmen Popa, founder of Luminosity Acne Skincare. Allow me to share with you a few reasons why I believe that I am the perfect person for you to work with in resolving your acne issues...

 ✔ I’ve been a licensed esthetician since 2007 and have devoted my career exclusively to acne.

  I own a brick & mortar acne-only skincare business in Cary, North Carolina. In fact, Luminosity Acne Skincare is my state’s FIRST acne-only business. Since opening in 2009, I’ve successfully cleared women of their acne, even after they’ve tried and been failed by EVERY dermatologist prescription and drugstore acne product.

  I walk my talk. I am still acne-prone so in order for me to maintain my clear skin results, I have to put in the same work daily that I ask my clients to do. This includes sticking to a quick daily morning and night product routine as well as keeping up with lifestyle factors that impact acne.

  My products are not only effective and results-driven, but they will never contain any pore clogging ingredients, ever! They are also made in the USA and are cruelty free.

  When you work with me as your acne specialist, you’re working with someone who has been in your shoes. I’ve had my own 14 year cystic acne battle so I’ve been there, done that and have the scars on my cheeks to show for it. You don’t have to hide or explain yourself because I understand completely how bad acne can make you feel about yourself. I’m here to help guide you and take you to a place where you not only get clear skin, but gain back your confidence--- or maybe even find it for the first time in your life.


So if you're ready to stop over-complicating your skin issues and finally put your acne in the past, just scroll back up to the top of this page and select a kit that best fits your needs.



Q: I am allergic to benzoyl peroxide. Do you offer an alternative product?
Unfortunately those that are allergic to benzoyl peroxide will not be eligible for any of our acne programs or kits. This is because benzoyl peroxide is irreplaceable in the fight against acne. Our clients must be able to use benzoyl peroxide daily to get results.


Q: What additional investments do I need to make?
Your products received as part of the initial kit will last approximately 2-4 months provided that you are not overusing them. At the 2nd month time-frame you will need to repurchase the serum and benzoyl peroxide. The rest of your products will last 3-4 months as long as you do not over-use them. To maintain your results you will need to continue using the products until you are no longer acne-prone. See below for information on how long your products will last and for pricing:

Luminous Gentle Cleanser for face |  $28  |  3 months
Mandelic Maven Serum for face  |  $42-$45  | 2 months
Benzoyl with Benefits Lotion for face  | $15  | 2 months
Daily Habit SPF 30 for face |  $18  |  3-4 months
Opulent Moisture Cream for face  |  $19  |  4+ months

*In addition to investing in Luminosity skincare products, you will also have to pair this program with professional extraction services performed by a local esthetician of your choice. The cost of these treatments are not covered by Luminosity Acne Skincare and will be the responsibility of the customer to pay for. It is recommended to receive these treatments every 2 weeks until your skin clears up (most customers will be clear in approximately 3-4 months and will need 6-8 treatments, however some acne cases may take longer to clear). Once you are clear, you will not need to continue receiving professional extraction treatments.

Q: Why should I use your products if I can just get my acne extracted?
While extractions are necessary to remove current non-inflamed breakouts like blackheads and closed comedones, the Luminosity products(used in the specific way the manual outlines) will not only help to make the extractions easier, but they will prevent new breakouts from coming back. Extractions can only tackle what is already on your skin, but cannot stop the pores from re-clogging like the products can. Achieving clear skin requires the combination of resolving your current breakouts and stopping new ones from coming back.

Q: Will your program cause dry skin? I don't want my skin to dry out.

Yes, our program will cause dry and flaking skin for a majority of clients. This is a normal part of the clearing process and all effective acne products dry out the skin, not just Luminosity products. If you are not comfortable with dry or flaking skin then this program will not work for you. If you invest in the program, but back off of your products or skimp on how much you use them in order to prevent dryness from occurring then your skin will not clear up. Our most successful clients have the mindset that they would rather have temporary dry skin than a lifetime of acne. Most do find that the level of dryness is tolerable but that is subjective to each individual.

Q: I have mainly cysts and pustules, not blackheads and closed comedones. Will this kit clear that?
Breakup with Comination Acne Kit is best suited for people who have BOTH inflamed (pustules & cysts) and non-inflamed acne (blackheads & closed comedones). If you have only cysts, pustules or general inflamed acne then I recommend my Breakup with Cystic Breakouts Kit. If you aren't sure if you have inflamed or non-inflamed acne then please email us an in-focus, close-up, and makeup-free photo of your acne. Email it to info@LuminositySkincare.com and type in Kit Question in the subject line.

Q: I have mainly blackheads and closed comedones, not cysts or pustules. Will your kit clear this type of acne?
Breakup with Comination Acne Kit is best suited for people who have BOTH inflamed (pustules & cysts) and non-inflamed acne (blackheads & closed comedones).  If you have only blackheads, comedones or general non-inflamed acne then you should purchase the Breakup with Blackheads & Closed Comedones Kit or join my office acne program in North Carolina. This office program is for local clients that can come into our office for a chemical peel and extractions every 2 weeks for approximately 3-4 months. To learn more about becoming a local office client, click here. If you aren't sure if you have inflamed or non-inflamed acne then please email us an in-focus, close-up, and makeup-free photo of your acne. Email it to info@LuminositySkincare.com and type in Kit Question in the subject line.


Q: I only get premenstrual breakouts. Will this kit help with that?
Our products and kits are designed for acne-prone women that breakout on a regular basis and not just before their period. If you only breakout premenstrually, this kit is not ideal for you.


Q: I am pregnant. Can I still purchase a kit?
We ask that if you are pregnant that you wait until you finish breastfeeding to purchase a kit. Besides the general caution that needs to be taken into account with acne products, pregnancy and breastfeeding hormonal shifts can interfere with the success of this program.


Q: How long will it take to get clear on your program?
I find that most clients will be clear in about 3-4 months, however some that have resistant acne can take longer than this. Those that don't follow the program exactly as outlined will not achieve clear skin.

Q: Are results guaranteed on your acne program?
While I have a high success rate in the clearing of acne, I cannot make any guarantees for results. This is because there are so many factors out of my control such as the client's level of commitment to the program, genetics, diet, lifestyle factors, hormonal issues, medical conditions, prescribed medications, etc.

Q: Which program should I invest in? One of your kits or your local office program?
There are several deciding factors when it comes to selecting which of our programs is best for you. To compare all options and make the best decision, click here.

Q: What is your refund policy?
Because of the nature of the PDF Manual presented in digital format, and the success of this program largely dependent on client adherence to the guidelines presented, refunds are not offered. Please make sure you are absolutely ready to commit before making any purchases.

Q: Do I have to purchase a kit manual separately?
No, you do not have to purchase a kit manual separately. This kit includes a FREE manual which you will have access to immediately after your purchase.

Q: How do I access the manual after I purchase a kit?
You will have access to the manual immediately after your purchase. Just check your emailed receipt for the download link as shown in the image below:





(The language is easy to understand) 

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